The ‘Little Ripper Lifesaver’ drone to help struggling swimmers in Australia

The Ripper Group.png

The Ripper Group, an Australian drone company, focuses on beach safety in New South Wales with the addition of automated shark detection. The ‘Little Ripper Lifesaver’ drone is set to have additional AI-powered software to help lifeguards keep beachgoers safe by automatically identifying the signs of a swimmer in distress.

Professor Michael Blumenstein, a core member of the University of Technology Sydney’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence and a collaborator on the drone project, said: “There are only a very limited number of behaviours that have been captured by lifeguards and experts that illustrate someone is in distress. It’s actually quite good that there’s a finite number of distress patterns a lifeguard will look for in the ocean.” 

To partner with or find out more information about the Little Ripper Lifesaver drone, reach out to Michael Blumenstein via LinkedIn and follow the drone’s developments on Facebook.