Murdoch University and C3 Philippines team up to protect dugongs using drones

Murdoch University .jpg

Murdoch University researchers recently spent a week developing the drone skills of team members at C3 Philippines, an organisation that works closely with communities in the Calamianes Islands and Northern Palawan to protect dugongs.

Researchers Dr. Christophe Cleguer and Dr. Julian Tyne, based at the Aquatic Megafauna Research Unit, trained the C3 team in flight planning, drone operation, and processing data collected from the surveys. 

C3 Board Member Patricia Davis said the program provided an important long-term and low-cost means of monitoring dugong populations. Davis stated that: "Using drones for dugong (and other marine megafauna) research is a first in the Philippines and the partnership with Murdoch is fantastic for building the capacity of local Filipino scientists for long-term protection of these endangered species.”