UNICEF and Swoop Aero drones part of vaccine delivery trial in Vanuatu

UNICEF and Swoop Aero drones part of vaccine delivery trial in Vanuatu.jpg

UNICEF has partnered with the government of Vanuatu to test vaccine carrying drones by collaborating with Swoop Aero, the first drone company to participate and help bring vaccines to Vanuatu.

Shelton Yett, a Pacific UNICEF representative, said: “If you need to get a vaccine to rural health centres, there are few opportunities. Nurses can slog through the mud with a vaccine carrier on the shoulders. In high heat, they don’t go. If it’s raining, as it is now, you can go a long time without restocking health clinics. So we’re always looking at new ways to improve the supply chain, and new ways to get vaccines to the children who need them most.”

Swoop Aero’s drones can fly in rain, heavy winds, and can carry almost 2.5kgs of vaccines. The Vanuatu government is currently testing if Swoop Aero’s drones can deliver vaccines when health centres make a request, if the vaccines arrive safely, and if the drones interfere with aviation or communities who might be unfamiliar to the buzzing machines.

For more information about Swoop Aero’s vaccine drones, reach out to CEO Eric Peck on LinkedIn and follow the developments of Swoop Aero on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.